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Clancy Equipment Rental Division

Dresser 555 Loader

6 yard wheel loader with teeth. Low hour. One owner. $16,000.00 per 200 hour month.

Dresser 555 Loader

6 yard bucket with serrated straight edge bucket . One owner. Low hour. $16,000 per month.

Cat 16G Grader

16G Grader. Comes with Ripper. One owner. Low hour.  $18,000 per month.

Cat 16G Grader

1 of 2 Cat 16G graders. Comes with Ripper. One owner. Low hours.  $18,000 per month.

Cat 14G Grader

Cat 14G grader. Comes with Ripper and push block. $16,000 per month.

Dresser TD25G dozer

Dresser TD25G dozer. Comes with S-U Blade and Ripper.  $19,000 per month.

Cat 815B compactor

Cat 815B compactor. No blade. One owner. Low hour.  $14,000 per, 200hr month.

John Deere D330CLC Excavator

John Deer 330CLC Excavator.  Comes with wrist-a-twist clean up bucket and digging bucket.  $14,000 per month.

(2) 637E Series II

2 Motor Scrapers. Comes with push pull attachments. $38,000 each per 200 hour month.

Dynapac 84 inch smooth Drum Compactor

2018 Dynapac 84 inch smooth Drum. Hrs 1900. Air conditioning and heat. $7,500 per month.

Cat 825G Compactor

Cat 825G Compactor. $27,000 per month.

CAT 336F Excavator

(2) Cat 336F Excavators comes with auxiliary plumbing.  $23,000 per month.

Cat 740B Articulated Trucks

(2) Cat 740B articulated trucks. Comes with tailgates. $23,000 per month.

Volvo A40G Articulated Trucks

(4) Volvo A40G articulated trucks. Comes with tailgates and factory sideboards. Has a 45 ton capacity. $23,000 per month.

Four Wheel Drive Tractors

(4) 400 HP Tractor. $12,000.00 per month.

Kello-Bilt Discs 400 And 500

Kello-Bilt Discs 400 and 500. $7,000 per month.

Cat 825C Compactor

Last of the C series. Low hours. $25,000 per month.

Cat 740B Water Truck

Cat 740B Water Truck. Comes with 8000 gallon tank. $23,000 per 200 hour/month.

Volvo A35D Water Truck

Volvo A35D water truck. Comes with 7000 gallon tank.
$22,000 per 200 hour/month.

Heavy Equipment Shipping & Transporting

Containerized Equipment

We containerize equipment and ship it to our clients all over the world.

Transporting Equipment

Breaking down equipment and transporting it on low bed trucks for our clients, locally and nationally is also a service we provide.

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